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Immune responses of goats (Shami breed) to vaccination with a full, reduced and conjunctival dose of Brucevac (Brucella melitensis rev.1) vaccine
F. Aldomy, M. Alkhawaldeh and I. B. Younis
Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 149-
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Partial replacement of fishmeal with tuna liver meal in diets for common carp fry, Cyprinus carpio L. 1758
E. Gümüş, Y. Kaya, B. A. Balci and B. B. Acar

Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 154-160
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Detection of variant strains of Infectious Bursal disease virus in broiler flocks in Saudi Arabia using antigen capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
A. N. Alkhalaf
Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 161-1
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Response of broiler chicks to dietary monosodium glutamate
Khadiga, A. A. Ati, S. Mohammed, A. M. Saad and H. E. Mohamed
Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 165-1
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Influence of two plant extracts derived from thyme and cinnamon on broiler performance  
G. A. M. Al-Kassie
Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 169-1
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Epidemiological investigations of a Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) outbreak in Afghan sheep in Pakistan   
A. B. Zahur, A. Ullah, H. Irshad, M. S. Farooq, M. Hussain and M. Jahangir
Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 174-1
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Prevalence of Mycoplasma capricolum subspecies capricolum and Mycoplasma putrefaciens in goats in Pishin district of Balochistan
M. A. Awan, F. Abbas, M. Yasinzai, R. A. J. Nicholas, S. Babar, R. D. Ayling, M. A. Attique and Z. Ahmed

Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 179-1
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In vitro screening of locally isolated Lactobacillus species for probiotic properties
M. Ashraf, M. Arshad, M. Siddique and G. Muhammad  

Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 186-1
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Cypermethrin induced anaemia in male rabbits
L. Ahmad, A. Khan, M. Z. Khan and I. Hussain
Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 191-1
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Seroprevalence of brucellosis in horses in and around Faisalabad
F. Wadood, M. Ahmad, A. Khan, S. T. Gul and N. Rehman
Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 196-1
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Palatability and dry matter intake by sheep fed corn stover treated with different nitrogen sources
I. Ali, J. P. Fontenot and V. G. Allen
Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 199-
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Comparative efficacy of Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) vaccines available in Pakistan in sheep and goats
M. Intizar, M. D. Ahmad, A. A. Anjum and A. Hanif

Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 202-
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Improving veterinary service in Pakistan  

M. Afzal

Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 206-
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Mycotoxin contamination in cattle feed and feed ingredients  

N. Sultana and N. Q. Hanif

Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 211-
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Prevalence of Paramphistomum cervi in ruminants slaughtered in district Muzaffar Garh  

M. A. Raza, S. Murtaza, H. A. Bachaya and A. Hussain

Pakistan Vet. J., 2009, 29(4): 214-
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