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Reproductive performance of inter se H. Frieslan x Sahiwal crossbred
M. Rafique, M.Z. Chaudhry and M.A. Amer
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 109-112
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Studies on morphological characterristics of Emeria species oocysts
Rahmatullah Rind, A. J. Probert and M. I. Rind
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 113-117
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Francolins in irrigated forest plantations and sub-mountainous tract of the Punjab, Pakistan
M. Anwar Mann and A. Aleem Chaudhiy
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 118-122
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Proposed strategy for control and eradication of Rinderpest from Pakistan
Ghulam Muhammad, M. Athar, M. Zargham Khan and Manzoor Hussain
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 123-128
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Effect of intra testicular injection of formalin on seminiferous tubules in Awassi lambs   
A. Ijaz, A. A. Abalkhail, W. A. H. Khamas
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 129-134
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Nuclear zinc in metastatic tumors of prostatic Adenocarcinoma
Ziad M. Bataineh
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 135-138
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Pathogenicity of avian influenza virus strain H7N3 in chicken
M. Afzal, Ashiq H. Cheema and Khalid Naeem
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 139-141
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Evaluation of two suturing techniques for end -to-end anastomosis of colon in dogs
A.B. Kachiwal and A.B Kalhoro
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 142-146
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In vitro interaction of sulfamerazine with the plasma protein of buffaloes, cows, sheep and goats
Farzana Farukh, Amjad Hameed, Tahira Iqbal, R. Nawaz and Muhammad Nawaz
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 147-150
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Relative incidence of reproductive disorders among various grades of crossbred cattle at different locations in NWFP
Farooq, M., M. Syed, M. Amjed, M.N. Siddiqi and A.K. Muqarrab
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 151-153
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Helminthiasis in buffaloes as influenced by age and sex
Nasreen Akhter, I. R. Mohammad, K. B. Mirbahar, and M.I. Memon

Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 154-156
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Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in sheep and goats maintained at NARC, Islamabad
Sajid Au, M. Qasim Khan, M. Qayyum and M Fateh Ullah Khan
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 157-158
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Comparative gross anatomy of the appendicular skeleton of buffaloes and cows
Faqir Muhammad and Rehmatullah Shahid
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 159-160
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Abuses of oxytocin in cows and buffaloes
Khalid Masuad Ahmad, Nazir Ahmad and Muhammad Khalid Mansoor
Pakistan Vet. J., 2000, 20(3): 161-162
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