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Estimation of aflatoxin B1 in feed ingredients and compound poultry feeds
Bashir Mahmood Bhatti, Tanzeela Talat and Rozina Sardar
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 57-60
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Development of immunity to coccidiosis in chicken administrated sonicated coccidial vaccine
Masood Akhtar, C.S. Hayat, S. Ayaz, M. Ashfaquel, M.M. Ayaz and I. Hussain
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 61-64
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Comparison of treatment trials in induced E. coli diarrhoea: Effects on some serum biochemical parameters
Abid Hussain, M. T. Javed, A. Khan, Niaz Ali Naz, M. Ashraf Sultan and B. Niaz
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 65-71
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Studies on the karyotypes of the Nili-Ravi buffalo
Safdar Ali, Z. Ahmad, G. Mohiuddin, P. Akhtar and M.Ashfaq
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 72-76
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Bacteriological studies on raw milk supplied to Faisalabad city during summer months
Kashifa Khaliq, M. Ashfaque, Iftikhar Hussain and Masood Akhtar
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 77-80
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Genetic and phenotypic correlations for some economic traits in dairy cattle
Manzoor Ahmad, J. H. J. vander Werf and Khalid laved
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 81-86

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Isolation and characterization of avian influenza (H9N2) virus from an outbreak at poultry farms in Karachi
Mohammad A. Muneer, Ali Mohammad Bahram, Zahid Munir, I. Hussain, K. Muhammad, Masood Rabbani, S. Akhtar, M. Aleem, Bakht Sultan, Munir A. Tariq and K. Naeem
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 87-91
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Surgical rectification of thread-associated glossoptosis in peafowls
M. Athar, A. Shakoor, G. Muhammad, M.N. Asi, and M. Saqib
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 92-94
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Effect of exogenous GnRH and PGF2a on postpartum estrous activity and fertility of buffaloes during low breeding season
Rafiq H. Usmani
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 95-99
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Effects of different maturation and culture media on IVF of sheep oocytes
S. Birler, S. Pabuccuoglu, S. Alkan, K. Ak, M. Evecen and I. K. Ileri
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 100-102
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Levamisole toxicosis in broiler chicks suffering from subacute toxicosis of lead, selenium or monensin
Jozef Szarek, Muhammad Zargham Khan and Jerzy Szenfeld

Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 103-105

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Gross pathological changes in uterine horns of buffaloes slaughtered at Hyderabad abattoir
W.M. Bhatti, M.S. Phulan, R. Rind and N. M. Soomro
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 106-108
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Could you have diagnosed this case of foreign body in the mouth of a dog simulating rabies ?
Muhammad Saqib, G. Muhammad and M. Athar
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 109-110

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Monthwise prevalence of gastro-intestinal trematodes, cestodes and nematodes infecting Damani sheep and goats in district D.I. Khan
Najeeb-ur-Rehman and Akhtar Ali
Pakistan Vet. J., 2001, 21(2): 111-113
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