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Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis – A New Reality
Jaroslava Halper, Ahrar Khan and P. O. Eric Mueller
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 1-8

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Immunity against Ticks-A Review
Masood Akhtar, Faqir Muhammad, Laeeq Akbar Lodhi, Iftikhar Hussain and M. Irfan Anwar
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 9-16
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Excretory Urography by Subcutaneous Injection of Iodixanol in Persian Squirrel (Sciurus Anomalous)
A. Veshkini, M. Tavana, I. Sohrabi Haghdost, M. Nasroulahzadeh Masouleh and S Habib Savojbolaghi
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 17-22
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Effect of Milk Replacer and Early Weaning Diets on Growth Performance of Buffalo Calves during Weaning Period
A. Azim, A. G. Khan, M. I. Anjum and M. A. Nadeem
Pak Vet J,
2011, 31(1): 23-26

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Day-3 Medium Changes can Affect Developmental Potential of Porcine Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer and Parthenogenesis Embryos In Vitro
Dibyendu Biswas and Sang Hwan Hyun
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 27-30
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Ethanol through Crop Route in Broilers: Effects on FCR, Live Weight and on Different Organs
A. Naqi, M. Tariq Javed, M. Suleman, M. Bashir and M. Irfan
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 31-34
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Hematological Parameters and Carcass Characteristics of Weanling Rabbits Fed Sesame Seed Meal (Sesamum indicum) in a Semi-Arid Region
A. A. Njidda and C. E. Isidahomen
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 35-39
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An Assessment of Participation of Rural Women in Livestock Management and Their Training Needs in Potohar Region
Farhana Nosheen, Tanvir Ali, Haq Nawaz Anwar and Muhammad Ahmad
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 40-44
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Vitamins C and E can Alleviate Adverse Effects of Heat Stress on Live Weight and Some Egg Quality Profiles of Layer Hens
J. J. Ajakaiye, M. Cuesta-Mazorra and J. R. Garcia-Diaz
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 45-49
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Gross Morphology and Localization of Adenohypophyseal Cells in Camel (Camelus dromedarius) Using A New Combination of Stains
S. A. S. Jaspal, Z. U. Rahman and A. M. Cheema
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 50-54
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Evaluation of Sialic Acid and Acute Phase Proteins (Haptoglobin and Serum Amyloid A) in Clinical and Subclinical Bovine Mastitis
S.  Nazifi, M. Haghkhah, Z. Asadi, M. Ansari-Lari, M. R. Tabandeh, Z. Esmailnezhad and M. Aghamiri
Pak Vet J,
2011, 31(1): 55-59
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Evaluation of Healing Potential of Autogenous, Macroscopic Fat Deposited or Fat Free, Omental Graft in Experimental Radius Bone Defect in Rabbit: Radiological Study
Mohammad Nasrollahzadeh Masouleh, Iraj Sohrabi Haghdoost, Gholamreza Abedi Cham Heydari, Amirali Raissi and Soroush Mohitmafi
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 60-64
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Riemerella Anatipestifer Infection in Chickens
J. X. Li, Y. Tang, J. Y. Gao, C. H. Huang and M. J. Ding
Pak Vet J,
2011, 31(1): 65-69
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Estimation of Variance Components and Genetic Parameters for Direct and Maternal Effects on Birth Weight in Brown Swiss Cattle
Ali Kaygisiz, Galip Bakir, Isa Yilmaz and Yusuf Vanli
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 70-74
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Uptake of Heavy Metal Residues from Sewerage Sludge in the Milk of Goat and Cattle during Summer Season
Bilal Aslam, Ijaz Javed, Faqir Hussain Khan and Zia-ur-Rahman
Pak Vet J,
2011, 31(1): 75-77
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Effect of Different Storage Periods and Temperatures on the Hatchability of Broiler Breeder Eggs
A. Mahmud, M. Z. U. Khan, Saima and M. A. Javed
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 78-80
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Prevalence of Brucellosis in Cattle in Urmia, Iran
Hamid Maadi, Mohammad Moharamnejad and Morteza Haghi
Pak Vet J,
2011, 31(1): 81-82
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Comparison of Photometer with Improved Neubauer Hemocytometer and Makler Counting Chamber for Sperm Concentration Measurement in Cattle
Naima Atiq, Nemat Ullah, S. M. H. Andrabi and Shamim Akhter
Pak Vet J, 2011, 31(1): 83-84
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